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“I really wanted the new 2018 Colnago V2-R disc, but it wasn’t going to be available for months. Bill wisely encouraged me to wait for the disc frameset and not get the rim break version. I am glad he talked me into waiting because I love the disc breaks on the V2-R. This is an amazing bike and Bill and the team did an amazing job on the build, with great attention to detail to make the build super clean. Thanks a ton.”

—Aaron Terrazas


Just checking in with an update on the C60 since I’ve been riding it for a while now.

As you already know, this bike is truly amazing! Without a doubt, the best road bike I’ve ever ridden. It’s compliant yet, quick to accelerate when you ask it to.

The second ride ever, I set the 4th fastest decent from the 25 mile marker on Mosquito Ridge all the way down to the circle bridge. 15 miles at an average speed of 38 mph for 15 minutes. The bike is so freaking stable!

People ask me on a regular basis what I think and I have nothing but positive comments. Never so much as a mis-shift and the brakes are powerful. You build one hell of road machine man.

Greg is digging his as well. He set a few PRs on his first ride out.

—Mike Carr of AthletiCamps

Hi Bill!

OMG!!!! It isbeyond beautiful!!! Completely worththe wait, I am shocked!

Thank you so much for sending it so quick, it is on theway to my local bike shop. Ireceived it at 8:30AM EST!!!

I am soooooo thrilled, WOW, what a beautiful frame!!!!!!


—Tracy Lectka

“Bill, I assembled the bike last Saturday and rode about 10 miles. The winds were in excess of 25 MPH so it wasn’t a real enjoyable venture. The bike on the other hand was great. I really enjoyed the blue tooth shifting, the bike geometry is a smooth ride, the Garmin is fun, the pedals/clips work great, etc. I’m happy with the purchase of this bike. And I’m glad I had the opportunity to do business with you. Once I get some miles under my belt, I’d like to have you make some tuning adjustments such as the seat, etc, either when you’re in LA or this summer I’ll stop by the store in Auburn. Thanks again.”

—Mike Molesworth

“Hey Bill – Just want to tell you how much I LOVE my C59 Di2 that you got for me….to say it’s changed my life would be an understatement…We had a Gila Monster Fun Ride thru’ the mountains last week and my bike passed everyone on the worst 3 mile climb whether I wanted her to or not!!! So I saw this frame on line and wondered if you can get it in a 50s….matte black with neon metallic green – I want to take my Di2 components off my Cervelo RS and sell that frame cause I don’t think I’ll ever ride anything but a C59 again…thanks so much for your help in taking my riding to the next level….you were great!!!!”

—Janey Katz

“You build a beautiful bike…ride it every day..thanks”


“Hi Bill, I just wanted to take some time to let you know (of course you probably already know) what an amazing team you have at Bicycle Emporium. I came to pick up my bike and bike rack with a plan to hit the trail immediately after. Again, friendly, great service…Billy helped me put the bike rack on my car (it only fell off once on the way to the River – haha just kidding). My bike didn’t really fit on the rack but he new the fix – an extender bar – and wa-la, bike on the rack. I went over to hit the trail and was wondering what the ride was going to be like. In the past after I’ve picked up my bike at other shops, I’ve had a loose crank, shifting out of adjustment, and I forget what else. But my bike felt like new. I could tell a big difference in smooth shifting (and yes duh lol bent chain ring). Sooo, to sum it up, you have a great thing going on up there, a great team. Even the people that I didn’t have interaction with, were friendly with the other customers (yes, I was watching 😎 , and all your employees just appeared happy. How is it that EVERYONE in there is friendly and great customer service? Whatever it is, great job and thanks for everything. Ciao!”

—Sheila J., Citrus Heights, CA

“Congrats to you and Bill, you both work so hard to raise awareness to our sport in this community, it means so much to so many, thank you !!!

—Red Ride Ricky Painter

“Dear Bill and Michelle, and my friends at Bicycle Emporium. Thanks for all of your hard work on this great effort. It paid off! Seeing the video presentation proposal was a very classy thing to provide to the rest of us. I appreciate it. As a long-time customer (23+ years) and supporter of Bicycle Emporium, I am proud of what you have accomplished and appreciative of what you have, and continue to do, for cyclists and the cycling community in the area. Thanks again.”

—Jim Remillard

“I just wanted to say thanks and show the results of your hard work on Italian parts. It seems nobody deals with the older stuff now and I really appreciate the help.”

—Brian L

“Thanks for the cool treatment yesterday Bubba!!! It is always a pleasure to get to come see you, Bike shifts great and I look good again!”

—Rick P

“A true Euro shop that we veloist’s in Northern California are thankful to have. Thanks to Bubba and the crew for their ongoing quality inventory and service.”

—Jon H

“Whether you’re a hard-core roadie or mtber…or if you can’t tell a derailleur from a handlebar…you’ll be treated right at Bicycle Emporium…they try hard to treat every customer with respect!”

—John C

“Joy You Guys Saved Me on the One Ride!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!”

—Lilly F

“Customer service is top notch at Bicycle Emporium! Mark, Fernando, Bill, and the whole crew keep my bike running just right!” – “I look forward to future business at Bicycle Emporium with the likes of employees like Josh, and thought you should know.”

—Kris L

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