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The Colnago E 64= Reviews are just fun.

We’ve sold several E 64 bikes this season and customers just keep telling me how fun it is to ride again at a higher level. 

Gilbert writes:

Hello Bill,

I bought the Colnago E64 this week from you.  Took it out for a serious ride yesterday.  WOW ….. IT IS AMAZING!  I am telling you it is life changing.  Just like when I rode my first Colnago in the mid 1980s was life changing.  I have had quite a few Colnago’s over the years.  There is nothing like a Colnago in terms of ride, handling and style.  As I have aged I just can’t pull off the climbs anymore (or the headwinds).  Hard to take as I raced for many years as a younger man.  The E64 has brought it all back to me!  The feel, the ride, the memories, the style.  100% AWESOME!


Thank you,

Gilbert Khachadourian


Thanks so much for sharing Gilbert!  Ride the tires off it…

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