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The moment has come. Crafting one moment of perfection takes time. Our commitment to extensive research and meticulous real-world testing ensures our wireless shifting components are a technological step forward. Premium design with zero shortcuts taken. Shift into the new dimension of performance. A new cycling experience, superior braking performance, perfect cadence. Thanks to dedicated in-depth studies and meticulous in-field testing, our wireless gear components are now technologically one step ahead. High-quality design without compromise devised to deliver maximum results from every point of view.


Enjoy a unique steering and pedaling experience, thanks to the perfect ergonomics of the controls, the extreme adaptability of the levers and the precision of new-gen shifting.


Pursue maximum performance in total safety and with the best control possible, thanks to the tried and tested Campagnolo braking system, revised and improved to constantly deliver nominal efficacy and efficiency, with no overheating.


Find your rhythm and take your pedaling efficiency to the next level. The SUPER RECORD WIRELESS new gear combinations enable fast up- and down-shifting, with an extremely smooth fluid gear inch ratio, to guarantee constant cadence in any situation.

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Components & Specs

  • App Connectivity Extend your experience with the new, state-of-the-art MyCampy 3.0 app. Developed for your ease-of-use, simply open the app to customise the controls to your specific needs, check your progress, or view battery status anytime, anywhere.
  • Redefined Ergonomics The new benchmark of lever and hood design. Revamped for maximum comfort on long, demanding rides and modernised for smarter control. Carefully designed for one-motion gear changes – to enable you to shift fluidly without missing a beat.
  • ULTRA-TORQUE™ System Our most advanced system for translating your organic power into fierce output. Immediate, unstoppable responsivity directed along a titanium axle and lightweight carbon-fibre crankarms. The chainring has been redesigned for uncompromised efficiency. Driving every watt of your power to the road.
  • Wireless Shifting Effortless Bluetooth communication ensures every exchange between components is instantaneous. Every detail has been optimised to be ultra-functional – including quick-snap magnetic charging ports, vivid LED battery-indicators, and superfast charging.
  • Patented Cooling System Celebrated reliability, taken a step further. We’ve developed an ultra-lightweight, temperature-controlling design to give you enduring brake performance. Guaranteed stable braking and overheating protection, even on long, steep descents.
  • Safety – Prioritised Ensuring your peace-of-mind is crucial to us. That’s why we’ve taken extra measures to engineer a patented anti-cutting surface on our rotor profile. In the unlikely event of an emergency, this advancement prevents your bike becoming a potential hazard.
  • Responsive Braking Modulation We’ve pushed the boundaries to deliver exceptional rides that come to life with each pedal stroke. Our cutting-edge braking system responds instantly to your every input, guaranteeing an unparalleled level of precision and control.
  • N3W Compatibility The Super Record Wireless naturally pairs with the NEXT 3 WAYS freewheel body – our patented, standard hub. A trinity of lightness, stiffness, and smoothness. Extensively engineered for graceful, satisfying motion.
  • Designed To Deliver That Feeling That moment when every thought dissipates – when you don’t perceive the uphill terrain, the miles ahead, or even the bike beneath you any longer. The Super Record Wireless has been engineered to deliver the perfect cadence. With its smooth progression, you can effortlessly synchronise your movements with your machine. Fine-tune your gear ratio – to shift by one, two, or three teeth – and discover your ideal combination. Become one with the ride.
  • Reimagined Gear Ratio A masterpiece in engineering, which is optimised for precise shifting. The Super Record Wireless comes with a completely new gear transmission system, which provides a wider spectrum of metres of development. Sprints are faster. Climbs are softer. Every detail, from tooth design to cassette geometry, has been refined for smoother shifts – to blur the line between man and machine.
  • Colnago
  • Trek
  • Elektra
  • BMX
  • SRAM
  • Campagnolo
  • Shimano
  • Mavic
  • Fox

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