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Cycling is part of the fabric of Louis Garnuea (pun intended). Over the past 3 decades Garneau has worked to developed a line of innovative, quality cycling apparel and gear designed for comfort, fit, and performance for all levels of cyclists. Whether its road cycling, mtb, cyclocross, gravel grinding and indoor cycling adventures Louis Garneau has you covered.  With great fitting jerseys, bibs, jackets, shorts and more you simply can’t go wrong with Garneau. Did we mention that the pricing is extremely reasonable considering the high quality?  Garneau might simply be the best bang for the buck for cycling apparel.

Louis Garneau is a Canadian Olympic cyclist who competed in the Men’s Road Race at the 1984 L.A. Olympics. Despite a crash and bloodied road rash early in the race, he hung in and netted an honorable 33rd place in a strong field. Through an accomplished amateur career, racing across the world in heat, cold, rain, and even snow, Louis toughened his body and spirit and forged his character and disposition. His credo, “Never Give Up.” was forged in the training and racing during this formative period.

With an eye on a career after cycling, Louis had already pursued his interest in art and design with a University degree. As many artists can attest, a career in art can be slightly elusive for a young creative mind.  Just as Louis could find the right line to follow in a lead-out, he had a knack for opportunities. Before he even competed in the Olympics, his entrepreneurial spirit and drive to innovate appeared.  In the fall of 1983, in his father’s garage, Louis Garneau and his wife, Monique Arsenault, started manufacturing their first cycling clothes because Louis couldn’t find product to meet his needs in the market. The kit he and the rest of the Canadian team wore in the LA Games was among his first creations.

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