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Standing Road Rides


Sunday Road Rides at 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 am. 

Check the Meet up schedule for current start times. Intermediate/Beginner/Advanced Road Ride

Our weekly standing rides will accommodate riders of all levels.  This is typically a 30+ mile ride with a shorter and/or longer options available. Flexible pace with-sweep and/or designated stops to regroup. No rider is left behind.  Terrain will be flat to hilly and will go through some areas with small or no bike lanes. All riders must have some experience riding with cars. Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Meeting Locations Varies: 

Every Sunday EXCEPT the second Sunday of each month.
Flower Farm Inn
Corner of Auburn Folsom and Horseshoe Bar Road, Loomis
NOTE:  Please park in the gravel lot adjacent to the Red Barn between the nursery and the B&B

Second Sundays start at Bicycle Emporium
483 Grass Valley Highway, Auburn


    Second Sunday Shop Rides

    On the Second Sunday of each month, this standing Intermediate ride will start from Bicycle Emporium. Everything else is the same as above, just a new start/finish location.

    Beginner Rides

    Beginner road rides are scheduled as interest dictates.  If you are a newer rider looking to get comfortable on road or simply need to build up your riding legs, please contact our Beginner Ride Coordinator so she may connect you with others looking for Beginner Rides.  Also, check back for our schedule of skills clinics and other beginner rides.  Contact Niki Gamboa for more information.

    Before joining us on any ride, please read the descriptions, etiquette and guidelines below. It is also a good idea to check the YahooGroups page (members only) or the Bicycle Emporium Calendar to check for changes.


    Members, be sure to sign up for YahooGroups (it is free and easy) and is our main source of communication.  Signing up will keep you in the loop on the the latest rides, events, and random chatter.

    The Club/Local Ride Calendar is below (subject to changes - be sure to check the Yahoo Groups page or contact Michelle Marengo ( to confirm).

    General Information


    Rider Levels

    Use this as a guide and know that you may fall in-between some of these categories…


      Just got the bike… still learning the difference between the brakes and the shifters. Need some time on the bike before sharing the road with the cars and definitely prefer to ride with a buddy.

      You are fit, you ride. Still getting comfortable and more fit on your bike. Your average speed is probably below 14 mph. but you are not confortable in technical terrain and are still nervous with the cars.

      You are beyond beginner but are not as fast as our "Intermediate". You can handle the same terrain/routes as our "Intermediate" riders but you take it a bit slower. After a ride your average speed is around 14-15 mph.
    • INTERMEDIATE: You are likely very fit in some or all areas (endurance, speed, flats and hills.) You ride frequently, are comfortable on your bike, and often ride alone. You probably could race if you trained but either aren’t interested or are not there yet. Your average speed ranges from 15 to 18mph plus.
    • ADVANCED: The most fit and the fastest. Oh yes, you’re a racer (or certainly could be).

    Ride Types

    • CASUAL:
      Mello pace with sweep (ride leader will ensure no one is left behind). Suitable for beginner riders. Depending upon ride terrain, suitable for Introductory riders as well.
      Riders are encouraged to ride at own pace. Generally No-Sweep but will have designated stops to rest/regroup. Suitable for Intermediate and most Intermediate/Beginner riders.
      Brisk rides with few or no stops for resting or regrouping. Ride leaders do not sweep and participants must be self sufficient.
    • MTB:
      Off-Road riding not suitable for road bikes.


    • FLAT:
      As flat as you can find in the foothills. Some gentle grades.
    • ROLLING:
      Fun rollers, gentle
      Some grades, challenging to introductory and some beginner riders
    • HILLY:
      Short steep and/or long moderate grades. Challenging for Intermediate riders.
      Very steep and long climbs. Strong riders only.


    Ride Coordinator
    • Promise not to no-show
    • Designate the time the ride rolls
    • Should know how to change a flat
    • Should be aware of and practice proper /safe riding etiquette
    • Reminds group to be self sufficient (phone, food, directions, money, etc.)

    Sweep vs. No Sweep:

    On SWEEP rides the ride leader will make sure no-one is left behind. Depending on the group/route, there will either be a rider in the rear or there will be designated stops for regrouping.

    On NO SWEEP Rides…

    • You must be self sufficient incase you are slower than the majority
    • Familiarize yourself with the route prior to the ride
    • If you are not comfortable riding alone and are not sure of your ability (compared to the group), bring a buddy.

    General Ettiquitte:

    • Not sure if your in the right group – bring a buddy
    • RSVP to ride contact by 5:00 day before
    • If there are no member RSVP’s ride may be cancelled
    • All riders must wear a helmet
    • For your safelty and those with you, do not ride outside of your comfort zone. Know your limits and listen to them - ride safely!
    • HAVE FUN!


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