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The Cento1 Hybrid was designed to re-imagine the traditional limits of usability of a high-level racing bike: a product that combines the special distinctive traits of Wilier Triestina products with the cutting-edge intelligence of the lightest servo-assistance system on the market. The result is a true racing bike with pedal assistance which weighs just 11,9 kilograms – a record in the e-road category.

The first intelligent racing bike created with a specific mission: to give as many people as possible the opportunity to enjoy the emotions that only a high-end racing bicycle can offer. Cento1 Hybrid was designed for you, whoever you are: Get yours!

The Lightest E-Road Bike On the Market
One of the most important aspects for us was to achieve a record weight: we have succeeded in creating a racing bike with pedal assistance that weighs less than 12 kg. A lightweight monocoque carbon frame, high-quality mechanical components and an Ebikemotion servo-assistance system, with a total weight (motor, battery and controls) of 3.7 KG, the lightest solution on the market.

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Components & Specs

  • Groupset Di2 Ultegra 8070
  • Wheels Carbon
  • Motor in Rear HUB The drive motor is installed in the rear wheel hub, engaging assistance fluidly and silently. When you stop pedalling, or your speed exceeds 25 km/h, power output stops with no sensation of braking friction.
  • Power 40 Nm torque is perfect for road or light gravel use. This well-balanced power helps better manage battery life on faster and more competitive routes. The sensation when assistance engages is similar to when someone gives the bike a push on a hill or in a standing start.
  • Battery Capacity 250WH - Modest capacity perfect for lightweight pedal-assist bikes like our Hybrid series. The battery is small for easy containment inside the down tube. The system's total capacity gives you peace of mind for outings with major altitude differences.
  • Weight 3.6kg The lightest PAS on the market. The miniaturised components plus a hearty dose of technical characteristics provide record weight performance.
  • ANT+ Connectivity The system uses ANT+ to dialogue with third-party devices. This provides all kinds of additional information that can be displayed on the latest cyclocomputers, such as Garmin and Polar, and less than 12 kg total weight.
  • Effective Push The truly lightweight motor’s maximal 250 W of power boosts pedalling effectiveness. The motor engages following the power delivery curve based on how you use the bike. Cadence triggers fluid and effective power with no feeling of resistance.
[cm] [cm] [cm] [°] [cm] [cm] [°] [mm] [mm]
XS 37,5 50,5 43,0 75,0 10,4 40,6 70,5 365 515
S 40,5 52,5 46,0 74,5 12,1 40,6 71,0 376 532
M 44,5 54,4 50,0 74,0 14,5 40,8 71,5 383 555
L 47,5 56,1 53,0 73,5 16,6 41,0 72,0 390 576
XL 51,5 57,8 57,0 73,0 18,5 41,1 72,5 395 595

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