Bicycle Emporium Suspension Service Center

Suspension Service Center Packages

Fox Fork Overhaul | $65.00 plus seals.

  • Includes fork seals, foam rings, 7wt oil, anti-friction oil, and wear indications

Fox Air Shock Rear Service | $40.00 plus seals.

  • Includes Fox air sleeve kit, new seals & wipers, anti-friction oil, new bushing sleeves.

Fox Fork TALAS Overhaul Service | $160.00

  • Includes new Talas Rebuild kit and anti friction oil plus standard fox fork overhaul.

RockShox Fork Service | $65.00 plus seals.

  • Includes fork seals, foam rings, 0w, 3wt 5wt & 10wt oil, O-Ring kits in Dampener/Rebound assembly and air assembly.

Suspension Linkage Rebuild

Santa Cruz VPP Blur/Nickel/Butcher/Nomad/Tallboy Rebuild | $90.00 plus bearings.

  • Includes Santa Cruz VPP Propack and installation on any current 4"-6.5" travel VPP model, remember Santa Cruz offers lifetime warranty replacement of pivot bearings to the original owner of the bike.

Santa Cruz V10 Rebuild | $120.00 plus bearings.

  • Includes Santa Cruz v10 Propack and installation

Intense Spider/5.5 Rebuild | $90.00 plus bearings.

  • Includes Intense bearings/hardware and installation

Specialized FSR Rebuild | $90.00 plus bearings.

  • Includes FSR bearings kit, Bolt kit and installation

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