Bella Fiore Ladies Cycling Club

 Bella Fiore Ladies Cycling Club is a cycling group dedicated to providing a non-intimidating environment for ladies to ride in. A place where women of all cycling abilities and styles could come together to ride, train, mentor and simply enjoy the sport with other cycling women. As pictured above we do many fun activities around the great sport of cycling.

Today, we continue to welcome new cyclists to join us on our weekly rides, club meetings, out-of-town adventures, skills clinics and so much more.



  • To provide a non-intimidating environment for women to ride and to have FUN
  • To have a group of women to ride, train, and race with and to have FUN
  • To mentor beginner cyclists and to have FUN
  • To have a COOL, "Can't get it anywhere else" jersey and of course, to have FUN

Benefits of Membership

When you purchase that cool jersey, you automatically become a member and receive:

  • Valuable discounts and freebies from our sponsors (see our sponsor page)
  • Free entrance to Bella Fiore events including parties, rides, educational clinics, speaker forums and more
  • Access to an incredible network of other healthy women
  • The ability to build confidence, strength, skills along with your fellow female riders
  • Please of mind knowing that you are supporting women in the sport that we all love.

More Information

Join Bella Fiore today!

If you or someone you know is looking for some fellow cycling women, please contact Michelle Marengo or Kristen Moldenhauer for more details.

Click here to download membership application.

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